Psoriasis Treatments

The different ways used for the psoriasis treatments aim to the fact where psoriasis exhibits itself with the symptoms instead of curing the disorder. The treatment of psoriasis is acute to good diseases management as it is not fully curable. It can be eliminated or the symptoms can be reduced but still it is an incurable disease. The medical research community says the elimination of the symptoms is enough until they can find a true and effective solution of this.

What are the best Psoriasis Treatments?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that affects the skin cells. It is the external exhibition of the human body’s attempt to throw out the internal toxin. Here the skin does the same task as the bowels and kidneys. Normally the skin is not designed to do the task. But because of the excessive load of the toxin under the skin it takes the task by removing the toxins which leads to rash, inflammation and irritation. It is a noncontagious skin disease which produces red and dry flanks of skin cell. It is long lasting disease which may have periodic remission.

Causes and symptoms of psoriasis – Psoriasis Treatments?

The main and exact cause of psoriasis is unknown. It is believed that the tendency of this skin disease is genetic. The environment is also the cause of the disease. But after long research of past thirty years the exact cause is still a mystery.

The symptoms of the psoriasis are different for various persons. the affected skin becomes red or pink and the area is covered with silvery scales. The patches usually occur on elbow, hands, feet, knees or lower back. The skin is being cracked which may bleed. There occurs itching, burning and soreness. The nails become thickened and pitted.

Best Psoriasis Treatments ways!

Psoriasis is not fully curable but It can be eliminated by taking proper medication. The psoriasis treatments usually divided into three subcategories. They are; topical treatment, phototherapy and oral treatment.
Topical treatment- the topical treatment means putting something on top of the skin. This treatment used for mild psoriasis. The topical treatment includes, keeping the skin moist by using any cream, spray, ointment and lotion. These supplements keep the skin wet and moist for which the rash or flanks cannot grow. The main types of topical treatments are calcineurin inhibitors, vitamin D analogues, topical corticosteroids, topical retinoids, anthralin, coal tar and moisturizers. These topical medicines prevent side effects. It works for some people but not for everyone.

Phototherapy- phototherapy is used for the severe stage of this disease. In this treatment the affected area is placed under the concentrated rays of sun. The different types of light therapy are sunlight, narrowbank UVB therapy, UVB phototherapy, combination light therapy, Goeckerman therapy, excimer laser, photochemotherapy and pulsed dye laser. UVB light therapy generally improves the skin which is done 3 times in a week. The usage of calcipotriene with this light is more effective.

Oral treatment- another effective psoriasis treatment is oral treatment. This treatment includes injection, pills and capsules. The main oral treatments are methotrexate, retinoids, cyclosporine, immunomodulator drugs, hydroxyurea and thioguanine. Each of them has their own advantage and disadvantage.

There is no limit for the psoriasis treatments. The specific treatment which works for anyone may not work for another person. So it will be better for you trying the treatment options until you find the proper psoriasis treatments for you.