Psoriasis Cream

Psoriasis cream is one of the drugs used to treat dry skin conditions, itch and develop into patches of red, inflamed and thickened. The exact cause of this disease is unknown, but according to some studies of this disease are closely related to hereditary and genetic factors. Another factor that may trigger the onset of psoriasis is the weather, hormonal changes, pregnancy and emotional factors. In psoriasis, a skin change that occurs too quickly, and infected skin cell grow faster than the surrounding area. Development of skin cells that are too fast causes infected areas that look like scaly thickened layers. Psoriasis is just attack certain parts of the skin, but can occur anywhere including the scalp, knees, elbows and other skin areas. Cell of skin affected by psoriasis have abnormal cell growth. The disease is not contagious and can happen to anyone, including infants, childrens and adults. Treatment of psoriasis typically use topical medications such as corticosteroids existing on the psoriasis cream, spray and gel.

Causes Of Psoriasis – How Psoriasis Cream can help?

The cause of psoriasis until recently is not certain. People with psoriasis experience the growth of abnormal skin cells on the areas affected by the infection. T cells, are present in white blood cells overreact to the presence of foreign substances that enter the skin. This overreaction lead to the development of skin cells is too rapid on the areas affected by the infection. This growth is too fast causes the skin to become thick,scaly, layered and itching. Other factors can also trigger the onset of psoriasis is the use of ingested drugs that do not fit with the patients body. Scratching the itchy skin can also trigger the onset of psoriasis. Some studies also mention that psoriasis can also be triggered by stress, hormonal changes and pregnancy.

Symptoms of Psoriasis and Psoriasis Cream

Symptoms of psoriasis is characterized by dry, thick, layered skin like the scales and itching. Areas affected by the infection reddish colored. At the acute psoriasis can cause pus. Infected areas will continue to widen and thicken. This disease can affect various parts of the body even the scalp. Psoriasis of the scalp arising in the head will cause the skin to thicken and remove the broken pieces of dried skin layers resemble dandruff. Psoriasis generally harmless and not contagious. However you must be alert because the disease can also attack the nail, and potentially cause complications. Psoriasis affected the nails will cause the pain and itching.

The Use of Psoriasis Cream

Psoriasis is generally treated with topical medications are widely available in psoriasis cream. This medicine contains calcipotriol,corticosteroids, antralin, and keratolytic. Calcipotriol Psoriasis Cream can be used to treat mild and moderate disease. It can also be used for nail and the head. Corticosteroids may be used on the all layers of the skin, but for long term usage may cause thinning of the skin. Antralin very powerful to cope with psoriasis affecting the scalp. This drug can cause irritation and soiling clothes. Salicylic acid content contained on the keratolytic, can overcome the scales, itching and skin redness. In addition to the use of psoriasis cream, skin diseases can also be treated with photo therapy.