Psoriasis Speaks

What is PsoriasisĀ Speaks?

Psoriasis speaks is a disease caused by ones immune system reacting with the skin cells therefore resulting to itchness or patches. The human skin contains dead cells but it rejuvinates itself with Psoriasis speak the skin cells builts itself fast therefore causing the itchiness and patches. To some people they can live with the condition without much complications but in a few the disease can be chronic therefore causing further medical conditions whereby the disease affects the joints causing athritis.

Relief to PsoriasisĀ Speaks

The skin is the largest organ in the body therefore it looses water fast and at large amounts compared to other organs. Keeping the skin hydrated by mositurizing will prevent the itchiness and dry skin from becoming unbearable. Ointment based moistorisers give the relief needed in Psoriasis speaks as it will be present on the skin for a long period of time as well as moisturise the skin better than solutions. Due to ointments being heavy it is not easy for them to get washed away from the skin. Moisturiser is applied constantly during the day but it works well by applying it imediately after having a bath as the skin is still wet. When one baths they wash away dead skin and keep the skin breathing by opening its pores. Therefore bathing can offer some kind of relief and as long as its cold water then one can even deep themselves in the water to keep it moisturised. if this home remedies do not work it si advised to visit a doctor for medical relef. By bathing in the sun for short periods will sometimes provide relief to the symptoms. it is important to avoid items that will make the condition worse. This is smoking, alcohol and even stress.

Types of PsoriasisĀ Speaks

Plaqque is the most common type of this condition and it is mainly found in the elbows, knees and back. It damages the skin and turns it red as well as having whitish patches on the skin. Gutatte mainly affects children and young adualts and it is mainly found on the trunk of the body, arms and legs by presenting itself as red spots on the skin. Inverse which is found where skin folds around like the armpits, buttocks, groin or under the breast damages the skin and presents itself in a bright red colour. Pustular affects adualts and presents itself as white blisters that can cover the whole body.

People with psoriasis speaks should always have an idea of how the weather conditions are outside as some conditions may make the codition worse like hot dry wetaher or cold seasons by flaring up the symptoms. Psoriasis speaks cannot be passed form one person to another but one can be carrying the genes that causes this condition. People who have Psoriasis speak need to eat foods that are low in protein so that they can produce enough amino acids that keep the skin healthy. Vegetables and fruits are also advised due to their nutritional values. One should stay off food that will cause the body have toxins therefore worsening Psoriasis Speaks.